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The Scottish Independence Convention was formed in 2005 as a cross-party/no-party group whose purpose was to promote independence and create a space for co-operation outside the party boundaries.  It is both an individual membership organisation and has party affiliates. The affiliated parties are the SNP, the Scottish Green Party, the Scottish Socialist Party and Solidarity.  Elaine C Smith is our enthusiastic Convener and we have a governing council of 16 members elected annually plus party representatives.

LaunchnightThe early work was to promote the case for giving the Scottish public the opportunity to decide their future in a referendum.  Now that the referendum is a reality, it will be essential to have a wide range of support for the Yes vote to win.  Many supporters of Independence don't belong to any party but want to be active in the campaign.

The coming three years will be one of the most exciting and important periods in Scottish history.  We would like you to join us so that we can build a strong and effective movement to gain democratic control over Scotland's future.

Convener: Elaine C. Smith

Vice-Convener: Kevin Williamson convener@sic-contact.org

Secretary: Mike Small secretary@sic-contact.org

Treasurer: Aileen Orr treasurer@sic-contact.org

Communications: Shona McAlpine info@sic-contact.org

Media: Mike Small - 07912881314 - Press@sic-contact.org

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