The Importance Of Scottish Independence Convention To The Citizens

The Importance Of Scottish Independence Convention To The Citizens

The Scottish independence convention is the best forum for citizens as it brings together all other independent parties under one roof. Leaders provide the opportunity and channels for the common citizens to be heard. As expected, everyone has different opinions and views, but when aiming for the same one goal, it is easier to agree or disagree and make more conclusive and informed decision.

Scottish independence  forum for citizens

The convention was started to bring all the independent political parties together. The citizens are empowered by good leaders who understand what they really need. It can really be hard for a citizen to be heard without the right channels.


Through the SIC, the citizens with a common agenda can gather and go for campaigns. This way they are able to show where they truly stand and can openly air their grievances. Even though the leaders may represent and address the citizens’ needs, they are taken more seriously through campaigns. The ground campaigns are very powerful as they are centered around the citizens and the people who understand the real challenges. Having the support of the SIC on their side makes it an advantage to them as they are well motivated to get out there and support their cause accordingly.

Citizens Movement

Scottish independence   for citizens

Most citizens are passionate about their country and wish to have a say in how things are going. The movement is well established and the numbers of interested citizens has grown over the years. The citizens get a chance to take matters into their own hands without having to rely on any particular party.

Politics can be very complicated, and it can be hard to make a particular stand without being judged or criticized. With the citizens movement, their concern is deeply rooted in the need for a better life, and they truly care since many of them strive to make a living.


The convention may not be well financed or have all the right connections, but they have the right vision for Scotland’s future. Giving them the determination and independence they yearn for, SIC also gives them hope for better future. They do know what really works for them and what doesn’t. This way they will easily distinguish between a well-intended group of leaders and one that has no idea about what they are really facing.

Scottish independence  forum for citizens

Having a public domain where they can air their grievances and opinions is definitely a great advantage. The voice of the people is very important since they are the ones dealing with the real issues at hand. The citizens are facing everything happening at the ground level. This means that there is no better person to explain what is really going on than the person on the ground.