The Case For Independence

"Scots sleepwalked through the twentieth century…..blaming all and sundry for their woes.  I've been all over the place looking because I was a twentieth century Scot.  I came to the conclusion Scotland is an absolutely brilliant place to work and put your energies into.  If you love Scotland, it gives you love back.  Scotland's creativity and confidence have been enhanced by devolution.  Independence? It would skyrocket."
John Wallace
Principal of Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama
(The Herald: 21.2.07)


"I'm not an SNP member myself ................but if there was a referendum tomorrow, I'd vote yes. I don't see why Scotland and England can't remain friendly, co-operative equals."
Liz Lochhead
Poet and playright  
(Scottish Review of Books: 10/11/2011)


"Scotland could have a viable future as an independent remains both possible and plausible that Scotland could become a transparent, low-inequality society on the Scandinavian model, with fair non-regressive taxes, strong unions, a nuclear-free policy, a non-punitive tertiary education system, enlightened social policies in general and long-term support for green energy programmes."
Iain Banks 
(The Observer 20/8/2011)

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