Here are some of the many people who support Scotlands Independence. Click on the name to read their opinions.

Elaine C. Smith (Actress and Convener of SIC)
The constant message by the unionists that Scotland isn’t good enough, brave enough or intelligent enough to run its own affairs has turned the people off. We have the chance to set a positive agenda and be a beacon for others as a modern social democratic country looking to the future for the good of the people, aware of its place in Europe and the rest of the world.
Isobel Lindsay
Independence will give us protection and opportunity. It will protect us from Westminster Governments intent on dismantling the welfare state, pushing more privatisation and marketisation, and promoting endless wars. It will give us the opportunity to build a society based on our values, our skills and our resources. We can use our human and physical resources to create more economic security and fairness and we can use our political and social institutions to create a more equal and participative society and a lively culture. The choices will be in our hands.
Mike Small (Secretary of the Scottish Independence Convention)
Voting YES for independence gives us the chance to never have Tory rule again in Scotland. It gives us the chance to rid our land of Weapons of Mass Destruction. It gives us the chance to decide what our foreign policy priorities are and not be dragged into illegal wars. No other constitutional settlement offers these opportunities. This is a historic chance to gain control of decision-making.
Kevin Williamson (Writer)
The British political system is archaic, anti-democratic, elitist and has recently shown evidence of corruption. Scottish independence is all about re-imagining our democratic space to help make our quality of life better.
Liz Lochhead (Poet and playright)
I'm not an SNP member myself ................but if there was a referendum tomorrow, I'd vote yes. I don't see why Scotland and England can't remain friendly, co-operative equals.
Iain Banks (Novelist)
Scotland could have a viable future as an independent remains both possible and plausible that Scotland could become a transparent, low-inequality society on the Scandinavian model, with fair non-regressive taxes, strong unions, a nuclear-free policy, a non-punitive tertiary education system, enlightened social policies in general and long-term support for green energy programmes.
John Wallace (Principal of Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama)
Scots sleepwalked through the twentieth century…..blaming all and sundry for their woes. I've been all over the place looking because I was a twentieth century Scot. I came to the conclusion Scotland is an absolutely brilliant place to work and put your energies into. If you love Scotland, it gives you love back. Scotland's creativity and confidence have been enhanced by devolution. Independence? It would skyrocket.
John Duffy (Fire Brigades Union of Scotland)
Our members expect us to fight for jobs, pay, safe working conditions and a decent pension, we need to consider the best way to deliver this. Trade unionists must ask themselves, "is it better for the members that we represent to deliver on our agenda in an independent Scotland, or to continue to fail to deliver that agenda in a United Kingdom."
Margo MacDonald MSP (Independent)
I’ve never given up believing that a good dose of sovereignty would go a long way towards conquering the self-doubt that lingers about the Scottish body politic.
Sir Sean Connery
I have never lost hope of seeing Scotland one day liberate itself from a feudal-type situation. I believe independence is inevitable.
Mike Russell MSP
I want Scotland to be independent, not because the country needs it, but because the people do. Liberation is about hearts, minds and souls.
Tommy Sheridan
I want to see Britain broken up and the Crown made redundant…not to swear allegiance to them.
Bill Kidd MSP
Too wee, too poor, too stupid. Is that how you see our country? Is that how we should bring up our children to think of themselves and their communities? It’s how the British establishment, both North and South of the border, depict us. Therefore it’s vital we take every opportunity to promote Scotland’s right to participate in the wider world through international organisations.
Chris Stephens (senior Unison activist)
The Rail, Maritime and Transport Union and the Fire Brigades Union have shown in the last few years that they are willing to back candidates from Independence-supporting parties. The case for workers’ protection has never been stronger as the full effects of the unregulated market continue to bite. Independence can be promoted to union members across the country to show how constitutional change can make Scotland a fairer place to live and work.
Colin Fox (National Spokesperson for the Scottish Socialist Party)
Independence for us remains a national liberation struggle with the goal of a modern democratic republic utterly opposed to economic neo-liberalism and British military aggression.
Stephen Maxwell (Treasurer of the Scottish Independence Convention)
The campaign for a Yes vote must start early and build as broad a base as possible. The Convention continues to offer an independent and open platform from which to promote public debate across Scottish civil society on the opportunities and challenges of independence.
Alan McCombes (Scottish Socialist Party)
An independent Scotland could mark an important democratic advance. From the 1980s onwards, the Scottish labour and trade union movement spearheaded the battle for devolution. Whatever the shortcomings of the Scottish Parliament, it has marked an important democratic advance, opening areas such as health, education, transport and the environment to public scrutiny and democratic accountability for the first time ever. Yet there remains a democratic black hole at the heart of Scottish society. On the big decisions that really matter, power is retained at Westminster, an institution which now has a virtually built-in centre-right majority.
Peter McColl (Convener of Edinburgh Green Party and Rector of Edinburgh University)
The value of autonomy in increasing an individual’s quality of life is fundamental to my belief in Scottish independence. If we can build a movement that seeks to increase the power held by individuals and communities, we can embed a culture of autonomy that will deliver more power to Scotland.
Sharon-Dolan Powers (American Scot from Oregon)
The three unionist parties answer to London overlords and will do anything to retain the Union even though the model is broken. People in Scotland are waking up and looking at what Scotland could be. The old political alignments are shifting.
Aileen Orr (former vice-convener of the Scottish Independence Convention)
The trouble with the Unionist line is that it’s a poor attempt to promote fear and loathing to the masses. We’re back to border guards and grannies in Manchester barred from seeing their grandchildren in Coatbridge. We understand that there are a lot of MPs and Lords who will be out of a job with Independence but they really need to understand that the Scottish people have moved on and are no longer prepared to be subservient.
Pat Kane (singer, songwriter, writer and runs Thoughtland blog)
For a while, I’ve thought that independence politics should be reoriented on a red-green axis. A Scottish independence agenda should be about bold proposals on labour-market regulations, new networks of public goods, reduced income inequality – it should be part of a decade long reset of the Scottish economy and society towards a ‘one planet’ economy.
Humza Yousaf MSP
Our notion of civic nationalism allows us to accept Irish-Scots, Scots Asians, Scots from English backgrounds. As the late and great Bashir-Ahmad, Scotland’s first Asian MSP summed up: ‘It is not important where we have come from, it is where we are going together as a nation.’ The sooner Scotland has control over the equalities framework the better so that we can work towards a more equal society.
Paul Henderson Scott (writer and historian)
The economist, E.F. Schumacher, in his book Small is Beautiful said that as he studied the economies of the world, he found that most of the most prosperous countries, per head of population, were very small and that many large ones were very poor indeed. He remarks that smallness also had the advantages of ‘convenience, humanity and manageability.’
David McCann (founding member of the Scottish Independence Convention)
I think my favourite quotation about independence comes from that great nationalist, internationalist, author, traveller and patriotic Scot, Robert Cunningham Graham when he said ’The enemies of Scottish Nationalism are not the English, for they were ever a great and generous folk, quick to respond when justice calls. Our real enemies are among us, born without imagination’
First Minister Alex Salmond (2010)
The powers I wish for us all are powers to protect us all. This (Independence) is not an arcane question removed from the people - it is the people, you and me, and how we protect our society, and grow our economy. That is what I mean by independence. I fight not for flags and anthems, but fairness and compassion. I fight for a generation that is not burdened by the mistakes of this one.
Professor Mike Danson (Economics Professor at UWS)
For a richer, fairer, stronger Scotland working for peace and prosperity at home and internationally, we need independence.
Ken Loach (internationally acclaimed film director)
If I had the change to be independent from the Tory-Liberal-New Labour bunch, I 'd jump at it. Scotland has the right to hold any referendum it likes. The English ruling class are such dyed-in-the-wool imperialists that they can't conceive anything can happen without your approval. But I think: go for it. Other colonised countries have asserted their independence.

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