The Scottish Independence Convention is a Cross-Party/no party group whose purpose is to promote Scottish Independence and create a space of co-operation outside the party boundaries.

Independence will enable the people of Scotland to build a successful society based on our own values and priorities. All we are asking is the right to take our decisions together as a nation.. A genuine Scottish democracy would mean that we would make our choices and accept our responsibilities as other countries do.

Independence will give us the opportunity to use our land and waters and green energy and oil and, above all, our skilled people to make Scotland more economically successful, environmentally sustainable and socially just. We would no longer be forced to have nuclear weapons based on our soil or to sacrifice lives in costly and destructive wars. We would have our own voice represented in international organisations. We had a long struggle to win the right to have our present Scottish Parliament. This has enabled us to make much better choices than those made at Westminster for education, health, social care and other services but we need to control the rest of the powers on welfare and pensions, industry and employment, taxation, defence and foreign affairs, to enable us to protect our interests and create a fair and progressive society. Independence is the next step - let's take it with confidence. 

"The role of the Scottish Independence Convention has changed. We were founded to deliver a referendum. That battle's now been won. Our role now is to be creative and engage as wide an audience as possible in the discussion about the future of our country and what we mean by sovereignty." 
Elaine C. Smith, Convener.


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Elaine C. Smith, Convener - Scottish Independence Convention

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